Ski touring at the Kölblwirt

Ski touring to powder and firn snow at the Kölblwirt Ski Touring Centre in Johnsbach

"The alarm wakes me really early. Perhaps too early, since I am on a holiday. But as soon as I glance out of the window I know this is going to be the perfect day for a ski tour. I start the day with a generous breakfast at the inn. Under these conditions, I’ll need energy that will last. When I apply the furs, I can see my own breath – it’s a marvellously cold winter day. The cold’s positive impact on the quality of snow is palpable after the first couple of metres. Powder over powder over powder. When I ski down the mountain after reaching the summit, I know all my efforts have been well worth it. The snow is like powder, the sun is shining and I simply couldn’t be happier."

This is a taste of what ski touring in Johnsbach feels like. When you choose the right tour and the right accommodation. The Kölblwirt Inn caters fully to both needs. We love our mountains and go on plenty of ski tours ourselves. We can give you valuable advice and only send you where the conditions won’t let you down. What else?

Oh, yes: eating, drinking, sleeping. At the Kölblwirt, we are real experts when it comes to this area of life. When you want to make your powder dreams come true during the day and enjoy a mountaineer’s life to the full at night, you had best come and stay with us at the Kölblwirt. And now, may we invite you to follow us to our favourite ski tours in the region? A great time awaits you there!

And after the ski tour …

... it’s time to relax. When the snow is all powdery, what anyone is looking forward to most is a bowl of hot soup in the Kölblwirt Restaurant. In spring we cordially invite you to enjoy our culinary springtime classics and then take a seat on one of our benches out on the sunny terrace, where we serve you cool drinks, regional delights and sweet temptations. And if you’ve booked a room at the Kölblwirt, you’re especially lucky: You can get a wonderful rest and recharge your batteries for the next tour on the following day.

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